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so, tomorrow is officially 60 years. back in canada.
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leaving fresno...to points east. las vegas!
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So in California....down here to kickstart my u.s. career. In the san joaquin valley, definately not in the shade.....its been over 100 f since I got here in june....
Passed my first ceu test at 90 %.
Hobby ....biking like a mad thing all over Clovis and FResno (THE famous Fresno of 'Thelma and Louise' fame) I have a 30 year old peugot bicycle. rust and peeling red in colour. Love the airport area, and the palm trees.
Found a dead urban opossum, the other day.
Hope my body (and blood values) acclimatate soon.This heat is murderous for a  high alpine, mountain dwelling canuck, such as myself....
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in fresno
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its bloody cold in winnipeg . 40 degrees celcius and falling. could it be the  ' day after tomorrow?  'anyway, the hiways closed down and the greyhound is shut down, looks like im stuck here until friday............its a 2 day bus ride to b.c. and home

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ok so im famous for my snoring..sleep apnea AND international incidence [but thats another story]   anyrate this starts[as usual] sharing a room with nurses. A bunch of us {from canada] down to help ceebrate the 4 of july. A bsolute  fun  .,until time to turn in.so i stay up till 0230 hoping the roomate and her daughter is sleeping. plan A. unfortunatly plan A is defunct, due to both culprits awake.and lying in wait for yours truly.
"where were you? we were worried sick" yah, and on the internet. so i crawls into bed, hoping fatique takes its toll.it does, despite the agony of claudication.
poke poke "yer snoring" every hour on the hour for 4 consecutive hours. finally up and in the corridor, until the housekeeper wakes me "mam" do you have a room here. ....more later

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